Monday, February 21, 2011

halloween kisses

Cardstock: 12x12 Toil and Trouble black paper (Making Memories)
Cardstock: 12x12 Toil and trouble polka dotted paper (Making Memories)
Distress Ink: frayed burlap (Jim Holtz)
Orange paint: of any kind
Stickles: Walnut Stain ( Jim Holtz)
3 in 1 glue
1.    I used the black Toil and Trouble Making Memories as a background paper
2.    Next I used the polka dotted Making Memories Toil and Trouble and cut ½ inch then glue down as your border
3.    I used the haunted house Making memories Toil and Trouble paper and glue it in the center
4.    Then I used the scalloped border (Technique Tuesday) and paint it orange
5.    Then use walnut stain Stickles around the entire orange border
6.    Once all of it is dry then glue it down
7.    Then stick your picture on and then you are finished


  1. Awesome job Brittney... I am so proud of you.

  2. You are very talented, Brittney. You are such an amazing young lady.